Amelia Island Concours 2010
by Doug Schellinger
We had a wonderful opportunity to participate in the 15th Annual Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance in Florida this past March.    Our car was the #7 Ramo Stott Grand National Superbird.    It was great to take the car back to Florida on the 40th Anniversary year of its win in the 1970 ARCA 300 at Daytona.   The car also ran in the 1970 Daytona 500 and finished 8th.
The Superbird had spent the winter at the Wellborn Musclecar Museum in Alexander City Alabama.   Our host Tim Wellborn had the car all ready for us.  We drove down overnight from Milwaukee and had a few hours to spit polish the Bird before loading it up for the rest of the trip to Florida.   
Here is a view of the inside of the Wellborn museum.   Bobby Isaac's K & K Insurance Daytona was leaving the museum on this day to go to the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte.   We had both cars fired up in the building on this day.   Rock and Roll for sure.
After loading up the #7 car,  we helped get the K & K Daytona loaded up for the trip to the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte.  It will be there for the next two years through 2012.   After this, we jumped in our truck and headed for Florida, 300 miles away.   
Saturday at the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island.   After arriving, we are unloading the Bird to drive it over to the show field.   Once on the field The car  will be positioned and secured overnight.  
It was so nice to be in Florida in March.   That's the Atlantic Ocean in the background...
I've driven the race car to the field about 1/4 mile along the ocean front condos, shaking the windows and setting off car alarms.       We're now own the field.   Got the front spoiler mounted and we are ready to cover the car up to stay on the field overnight.   Security is very tight and there are no worries.  
Earlier in the day, we attended The Three Greats seminar in the ballroom featuring Richard Petty,  Don Garlits and Carroll Shelby.     Alongside the guys was a Petty Superbird and one of Big Daddys old rails.    Something about the Superbird looked different from what I remembered, but right then, I could not figure it out.  It would become apparent on the show field Sunday morning that this was not Richard's trophy room car.. 
From left to right,  Garlits,  Shelby and The King are laying it on thick to a packed house.  Garlits was very interesting to listen too and told a great story about transistioning from the 392 Hemi to the 426; the frustrations he had with the new engine and how it took them time to get running good.    The King told a funny story about how "that fellow just spun out in front of him" on the road some years back derailing his political career.  
Saturday night we attended the black tie Gala featuring Richard Petty.    Outside the ballroom were Pete Brock, designer of the Cobra Daytona Coupe and Bobby Unser.
DSAC members Mike Borkowski, my girlfriend, Sue Turner and I are all scrubbed up for the big shindig.
Emcee Mike Joy gettinbg the lowdown from The King after dinner.
#43 dessert sculpture made of chocolate.    We wanted to go and break a hunk off for ourselves but thought better of it.
Sue getting The King's autograph after dinner.   You would never know that  Richard has been retired for almost 20 years.   He was mobbed all weekend. 
Mike getting to check out the King's throne after dinner.
Sunday morning sunrise.   It is show day ane the weather is pretty COLD for Florida.  Something in the 50's this morning. 
First view of the show field when we arrived was the Petty feature class.
The other feature class was probably the largest gathering of Porsche 917 cars anywhere.   I know I will never see that many again in one place.
The King makes a loud and grand entrance in his 1971 Road Runner, now owned by Todd Werner.    Richard was wearing a smile a mile wide.

Supercharged Duesenberg, one of several of them at the show.
Now here is a different kind of Aero Car !
Wood bodied Rolls Royce Boatail.  Spectacular!
Maserati 200S in bare aluminum.   Check out how the car was put together with the welding and hammer marks. 
GM Lesabre Dream Car from the Henry Ford Museum
Porsche 917 survivor - as lsat raced in 1971 - beautiful
Newly restored Sam Posey Challenger owned by Ed Skanes.
More photos to follow.... stay tuned.