Bonneville Wing Cars

Jim Frederick's legendary Fly Rod Superbird.   Jim and his crew mwmber Ross Sherburn drove this car from 1981 through 1987 at Bonneville setting numerous B/Altered records. 
The Bob Sykes fuel injected 426 Hemi - 1981
Vernon Judy's Hemi powered Daytona.  This is an original 440 Daytona
Jim and Larry Lindsley's Hemi Superbird.  This car was the first of them to tackle the Bonnevile Salt Flats.   This real Hemi Bird has now been restored to stock and is on the East coast.
Jim and Mrs. Lindsley.    As you can see the car is an original Alpine White car. Those rear wheels are actually Olds Toronado units, which also interchange with the 1936-37 Cord.
A beautiful photo of Jim Frederick's Fly Rod Superbird taken by DSAC member Galen Aasland.  Circa 1987.
One of Jim Frederick's 200mph record plaques.
This Bird belongs to DSAC member Galen Aasland of Vail Colorado.  This also is a real deal Superbird.  Photo from the late 1980's.