Spoiler II Released From Barn Prison
This is my Spoiler II Dan Gurney Special.   I've owned the car since 1980 and it is the second car I ever owned.    It has been off the road for about 20 years, and stored between two locations.    The most recent location was the upper floor of a barn, since 1997.

I recently built a new garage at home, and the Cyclone was long overdue to get out of the barn.    So on October 20th, 2007 I paid the storage bill, aired up the tires, put a battery in it and turned the key to see what happened.    Fearing the worst, I was surprised to hear the old Merc fire up without any difficulty.    

I took the above photo just before driving the car out of the barn. 
Owner: Doug Schellinger
The car made it out of the barn under its own power.   Here we are about to load it on the trailer for the ride home.   That's the original dealer tag on the deck lid. 
Bye Bye Barn.     As barns go, this wasn't a bad place and the car was in the upstairs area with decent ventilation.  But I don't advise barn-storing anything for as long as I did.   
Couple of pics I took over at a friends house on the way home as he'd never seen the car before.
Those are 1986 license plates on the car.    With the exception of the right fender, the paint and stripes are original. 
We gave the car a quick wash job.  Wish some soap and soft scrub, it almost looks presentable!
The car is virtually rust free. 
Overall, the car has not suffered badly over almost 20 years of storage.    This is a southern car, and the body remains in excellent shape.   You can still read the factory grease pencil on the right side fron wheel well.     The interior will be the most challenging as it was is in poor condition when I stored the car, and it didn't get any better with age.   But I'd rather deal with an interior than rust.     
The 351W is original to the car, and as far as I know has never been apart.   It has 121k on it, and it ready for freshening up.     I have the rest of the air cleaner and the original valve covers in the garage at home.   I will need to locate a radiator as the one in the car is not correct. 
Well, there is a long road ahead to repair the car, but with a good body it will be pretty straightforward.    The 40th Anniversary Aero Reunion will be at Talladega in 2009.    I think this is a good goal to shoot for.   I hope to get started on the car in the Spring.