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Another Lost Superbird is Found.
We got a call from Superbird owner John Krause in New York state a couple months ago.  John was seeking some help for his Superbird which he bought recently.   When I returned John's call, he began to tell me about his car - and that it was from upstate New York, and that it had been purchased out of a very long storage.  He mentioned that the nose was missing as it was damaged in the early 1970's, and that the car was B5 blue.

As we talked the car began to sound more and more familiar, and I asked him if one of the owners was a Michael Sastra, also from New York.   John replied, "yes", Michael was one of the persons he had contacted regarding the history of his car.

And so another car has bubbled to the surface.   Michael Sastra was one of the first 100 members in DSAC, then known as "Superbirds of America back in 1976.   After Michael sold the car, it disappeared into another collection.  Although the owner loved the car, it never was restored and was simply parked inside - for someday.  John came into the picture and bought the car, and the above photo shows him with his new find.

I mentioned to John, that we might have some information on his car in the club files, as all the old correspondence regarding individual cars has been saved since 1975.  Sure enough, below is the photo.

Sure enough, after a little digging, here is the photo from 1976.  Check out that the car in 2003 is still wearing the same American 200S wheels and Wide One off-brand tires.  And you can still see the "Mopar Madness" lettering on the front fenders.    As mentioned, it is B5 blue, with a white bucket interior and a console. The car had 34,000 miles when first registered in '76, and it only has 41,000 miles on it today.  So it hasn't covered much ground in the last 25 years.   A really nice find, and we wish John the best of luck in his restoration. 

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