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Superbird and Daytona Headlight Bucket Bolts
These are the special flat head bolts used to attach the headlight buckets to the nose cone for both Superbird and Daytona.   Set of ten required per car.
$25 per set, includes shipping within the U.S..  These are in stock. 

Superbird and Daytona Headlight Pivot  Bushings
These are the nylon bushings that snap into the headlight bucket pivot endplates.   Correct white plastic material and shape.  Four are needed per car.  $15 set of four including shipping within the U.S.  These are In stock

Superbird Grille Screen Material
Correct cut and thickness.  Ready to install in your grille frame. 
$49 each postage paid within the U.S.

Currently out of stock  11/30/22